Five Amazing Casinos Around The World To Play Roulette

Roulette is a popular casino game that has made some lucky people a fortune and left others pulling their hair out trying to work out its ‘system’. While there are certain ways to play, it’s mainly a game of chance requiring little skill and a big dose of lady luck!

Ashley Revell Famously bet all his life savings on red in 2004 and managed to double his money! On the flip side, many players get sucked into the thrill of the roulette spin, not knowing when to walk away. Robert Maxwell a famous media tycoon, famously gambled away 1.5 million playing multiple roulette wheels in less than three minutes, at Les Ambassadeurs Casino in London!

Love it or hate it, the thrill of the roulette spin can’t be denied and it continues to be many casinos most profitable and popular table game. Let’s take a look at some of the most amazing casinos around the globe you can get your roulette fix.

The Desert Cave Hotel and Casino in Coober Pedy

Many casinos intentionally have no windows in the building, to keep you from knowing what time of day it is. The desert Cave Hotel and Casino in Coober Pedy literally had no options for windows, as it’s built underground.

With temperatures often rising to over 50 degrees Celsius, it’s no wonder this casino and much other parts of this town were built in the coolness of the underground. So spin till you win at the roulette tables here, and then retire to your underground bunker hotel room for the night!

The Venetian Macau

Visit many of the enormous, bustling casinos on the Vegas strip and you will feel like a tiny ant in another world. Vegas is not the only place that has jaw-dropping casino architecture as the Venetian Macau has managed to top every casino in Vegas, becoming famous as the largest in the world! Covering a mind-blowing 550,000 square feet and an epic 39 storeys high, you’ll be spoilt for choice on roulette tables to play here.

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore

Obviously size isn’t everything! Not quite as large as the Venetian Macau, the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore certainly still makes an impact with its Swarovski crystal chandeliers and the outside of the building having been constructed to look like a deck of cards!

Even though it’s slightly smaller in size than the Venetian Macau, it still cost more to build with expenses totting up to around 4.4 billion! Playing roulette here will certainly be a night to remember, but you may need a map to find your way around the three levels of gaming floors and 550 table games.

Resort World in Genting, Malaysia

How about playing a game of roulette in a 6,000 ft. high casino with amazing tropical views all around? The resort World in Genting Malaysia, offers epic views plus a cable car ride right into the resort itself. Also, one of the most colourful casinos in the world, the outside is decorated in a bright palette of colours – you certainly won’t miss it on the drive in!

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

While playing roulette at any of the casinos on the Vegas strip is sure to be a memorable experience, the Cosmopolitan gives you a truly unique experience with its floor to ceiling glass windows, allowing incredible views of the strip.

Enjoy actual daylight while you peruse the 100,000 square foot gaming floor in search of your lucky roulette table. Once you’ve had enough of the gaming tables, you can even bet on live sports events in the casino with a mobile wagering device.

With so many amazing casinos around the world to play roulette in, you definitely need to take time to try out more than one to appreciate the awesomeness of their designs. Every casino that is built is being made bigger, grander and more impressive than the next. Who knows what we’ll see in the future? You can even play online casino for real cash these days.

A new concept in the pipeline is a collaboration between Airjet Designs and Designescence. These innovative companies are working on a casino design that can be installed in airliners and private jets, which will allow you to put new meaning to the mile-high club!


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